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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

It’s not always clear who might benefit from your product or service, as well as who might be affected by your strategy.

We help you identify all relevant stakeholders, learn from them and refine your strategy and your messaging to target these audiences for maximum understanding, influence and commitment to the consultation process.

Our collective experience building stakeholder engagement campaigns for key organisations and government agencies includes:

  • Working with organisations to set up public forums
  • Conducting formal reviews of stakeholder positioning and communications techniques
  • Designing complete stakeholder communications campaigns

We have significant expertise and experience providing high level advice for community and stakeholder engagement projects, especially for projects within politically sensitive environments.

Stakeholder Engagement - 3 Elements of Stakeholder Relations @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Essential Elements

We approach stakeholder engagement projects and campaigns from an focus on issues management. Using this approach, we have identified three distinct opportunities to ensure that any potential problems are foreseen and prepared for in advance.

1. Solid Understanding of the Stakeholders

We build stakeholder relations strategies based on a comprehensive understanding of who we are working with. This means that we consultat directly with stakeholders to investigate their attitudes and behaviours as well as opinions and beliefs.

While internal and desktop research adds to this understanding, we invest significantly in terms of time and energy in working directly with stakeholders to gain the insights required to anticipate and manage stakeholder’s responses to our project strategy and implementation.

2. Strategic Management of the Issue

We expect issues to arise throughout the consultation and engagement process and preparing for these in advance adds significant value to the way we design our strategy. Often stakeholders respond in particular ways in certain circumstances and understanding these patterns guides our strategic direction and focus.

3. Strong Teamwork

We genuinely believe that our stakeholder management approach can only be successfully delivered if we work closely with our clients as a team to achieve our objectives. We don’t claim to know more about your project than you do, we know stakeholder management inside out but we rely on working closely with our clients to marry the two together to produce effective outcomes for every project.

Stakeholder Engagement - Working with Stakeholders @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Working with Stakeholders

We work proactively to understand community perceptions, garner support from stakeholders, research points of view and ensure we manage expectations as our projects progress.

We maximise opportunities for consultation by inviting the community and all stakeholder groups to participate, where appropriate, in concept design, planning, creative testing as well as generating original and innovative ideas and approaches.

Once planning is complete and the whole team feels confident to proceed, we:

  • Conduct our information sessions, meetings and interviews;
  • Develop and publish online and hard copy materials;
  • Conduct door-knocks, produce advertising, administer surveys and liaise with media as planned.

Our ongoing project management, monitoring and reporting activities ensure that any issues are reported and responded to quickly and efficiently.

Stakeholder Engagement @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Get in Touch

To discuss how our expertise in Stakeholder Consultation and Engagement can assist you with your next project or campaign, please call 03 9685 3193 or use our contact form.

Level 6, 28 Freshwater Place, Southbank 3006, Victoria, Australia - 03 9685 3193
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