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Media Relations

Media Relations @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

We know the Media. We work with the Media. We are the Media.

Our relationships with journalists, editors and publishers mean that we’ll get your message out to the right people at the right time for maximum distribution and impact.

We have experience launching some of the biggest media campaigns for some of the most prestigious brands in Australia, as well as providing key message workshops and media development programs to federal and state government ministers and some of the country’s top CEOs.

We also conduct an annual survey entitled “Views of the News”, which provides feedback from working journalists, editors and producers about what they consider to be of news value, and how they prefer this information to be presented. This gives us the edge.

We recognise that sometimes being kept out of the news is as valuable to an organisation as maximum publicity is at other times. We have a depth of experience in assisting organisations avert or manage negative publicity. Our expertise is in tailoring the media strategy to suit the campaign.

Media Relations @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Proactive Reach

Whenever you have something to say, we’re there getting you the airtime, print columns and attendees you need to get your message across.

This begins with preparation of key messaging and strategic plan for distributing content to the appropriate publishers and channels. Once the message or story and strategy have been established, and tested using our rigorous methodology, we get to work putting together the media you need including:

  • Media and Press Releases
  • Editorials and Advertorials
  • Feature Articles
  • Blogs and Newsletters
  • Social Media Posts
  • Videos

Once your team has reviewed and approved the content we’ve created, we get your message out across all relevant channels. Our distribution network includes all the major television, radio and print publications as well as online news sources and influential bloggers. As well as getting the message out to publishers, we can also help you schedule and publish content to your own digital publishing channels.

Media Relations @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Reactive Response

Often journalists call us looking for story ideas or wanting to profile our clients in their current story.

Having such great relationships with journalists means that we then have the opportunity to showcase our clients’ latest achievements and new developments when these opportunities arise which, in addition to our proactive strategies, further increases your public profile and media exposure for your brand or organisation.

We establish clear and simple approval processes – when it comes to media relations there are protocols that must be established in advance to ensure key decision makers are able to make decisions in crisis management situations, as well as to take advantage of opportunities would otherwise slip away without a timely response and instructive action.

Media Relations - Reputation Management @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Reputation Management

You can’t always choose the timing or the content of the stories that are being published about you. With the right strategy and appropriate preparation, potential risks to your public reputation can be reduced. With the right response at the right time negative press can be buried, or at least softened.

It’s all about knowing what to say, when to say it and to whom.

While it’s not always possible to prepare for every type of crisis, it’s good practice to develop a strategy and campaign materials for a number of different potential scenarios in advance. That way, if/when the calls start coming, we can help you address the story directly and present your point of view in the best possible light.

Having such great relationships with journalists also means that when a negative story is in the pipeline, we hear about it in advance and often have the opportunity to negotiate for extra time to prepare a response, or at least make sure that we have a right of reply to balance out the story.

Media Relations @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Get in Touch

To discuss how our expertise in Media Relations and Reputation Management can assist your organisation, please call 03 9685 3193 or use our contact form.

Level 6, 28 Freshwater Place, Southbank 3006, Victoria, Australia - 03 9685 3193
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