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Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Traditional media outlets are now only one part of the picture… the ease with which information is shared online substantially enhances your ability to reach larger audiences, but it also brings new challenges and the potential for huge risks to your public reputation.

Over the last 10 years the public relations industry has changed significantly in response to the shift from broadcast to digital publishing. Nowadays, customers are constantly discussing our clients’ brands, products and services online in communities of practice using the primary social media channels (such as Facebook and Twitter) as well as utilising smaller review and support forums (such as Yelp and Whirlpool).

Digital Strategy - Content Marketing @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Content Marketing Strategies

Most online audiences are quite media-savvy and have learnt to filter out the ‘hard sell’ that has been the primary tool of traditional advertising for decades.

To reach these audiences with your message, you need to publish content that is entertaining, informative and much more subtle in selling the brand. You also need to publish regularly to rise above the noise of all the other media producers doing exactly the same thing.

To do this, we help our clients source, develop and publish content which is guaranteed to be of interest to, and creates engagement from, your audience. We help you determine which subjects are complementary to your products, services and brand, providing quality content which demonstrates your expertise to customers and builds your credibility as ‘thought leaders’ within your industry while avoiding the ‘hard sell’.

The key here is ‘sharability’. We make content that readers want to distribute amongst their personal and professional social networks.

Digital Strategy - Influential Bloggers @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Influential Bloggers

Apart from the traditional press, television and radio broadcasters, there is now an entire world of news, reviews and commentary coming from bloggers and other online actors.

We find these online influencers, reaching out to them with a personal touch and creating lasting reciprocal arrangements in order to leverage their credibility and tap into their niche audiences for distribution of your content.

Through these relationships, we have ability to tap into existing communities of interest, targeting the right audiences and connecting with those who are already receptive to your message.

Digital Strategy - Social Media Engagement @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Social Media Engagement

All over the internet there are communities of practice discussing brands, products and services. Chances are they’re already talking about you; reviewing your services or even providing each other with technical and customer support for your products.

While many, if not most, of these discussions will have no tangible value for you or your organisation, there are some key types of commentary which you should be identifying, analysing, managing and/or even actively censuring.

Because of its reach, social media has the capacity to create major reputation management crises for organisations that don’t respond appropriately or in time to criticism online. Unlike the old days when a dissatisfied customer might tell 20 people, now we’re talking about thousands and hundreds of thousands of people potentially hearing about a single bad review.

We work with clients to develop strategies for engaging with their fans and followers, identifying, isolating and capitalising on different types of engagement including:

  • reviews and fan commentary
  • opportunities for capitalising on ‘tribal intelligence’ (where users contribute bright ideas for new products and services)
  • customer service requests
  • unfair, unreasonable or off-topic remarks from ‘trolls’ (serial offenders who post unconstructive or defamatory content)
  • legal and other reputation management issues requiring immediate response

We can then monitor these communications for you, ensuring that your community feels heard and appreciated while keeping a lid on any commentary that might hurt your brand.

Digital Strategy - Channel Management @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Channel Management

We’ll help you develop a coordinated cross-promotional digital strategy which maximises your brand’s presence across multiple digital channels including (but not limited to):

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

We then execute the digital strategy:

  • building followers particular to each channel;
  • providing guidance on what to publish where, and how often;
  • developing editorial calendars;
  • advising on all the legal and procedural requirements;
  • building workflows for cross-channel promotion, and;
  • publishing and promoting, if required, on your behalf.

Digital Strategy - Reputation Management @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Reputation Management

If your customers are online talking about your brand, wouldn’t you want to know what they’re saying?

If the public are circulating bad reviews about your product or service, or disparaging the brand, wouldn’t you want to make efforts to protect your public reputation through the right of reply?

Being part of the conversation may not always help satisfy every complaint, but participating and acknowledging when things don’t go as planned demonstrates a kind of openness and authenticity which will bring renewed respect for your brand and increased loyalty from your customers.

While it’s easy to join the conversation once you know where to find your audience, the shear magnitude of all those people often makes engagement with online audiences a huge and daunting task, even for companies with the greatest level of resources.

We help you make sense of the digital world, maximising the utility and value of your online communications, while helping you plan for, and manage, any threats to your public reputation.

Digital Strategy @ Lahra Carey Media & Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

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