What We Do @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications

We’re a boutique Australian public relations agency operating out of Melbourne. We build and manage the public reputations of brands, as well as government and non-government organisations.

We develop memorable, dynamic campaigns across editorial, social and digital media to capture the attention of our clients’ target audiences.

We also excel in managing the consultation process for stakeholder and internal communication strategies.

Many of our clients come to us without knowing exactly what they want to do, only what they want to achieve. We coach them through the process of defining their objectives while getting to know their industry, their competitors and the audiences they need to reach with their message.

We see it as creating a solution together… partnering on a journey… rather than just getting a brief and giving the client what we think they want to hear.

Sometimes our clients don’t even know where to start, that’s where our rigorous methodology and the creativity and passion of our people come into play.

What We Do @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

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