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We develop intuitively simple, analytically rigorous media and communications strategies which build and enhance our clients’ public profiles.

While it often appears that we deliver solutions that are much less complicated than the problem might demand, this is because we’ve already considered the issue from a multitude of angles and understood it completely using the collective experience and expertise we’ve developed over decades in the media and communications industries.

After developing the right strategy using a mixture of expertise, experience, intuition and quality research, we then implement “The Idea” using the most appropriate media vehicles and drawing upon our extensive relationships within key Australian media networks to deliver creative campaigns reaching our clients’ target markets and key stakeholders.

Our Work @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

Haymes Paint

Haymes Paint

“We’ve now been working with Lahra Carey Media and Communications for three years.

When we started the partnership we didn’t have any strong relationships with any of the editors from the homemaker /decorating / lifestyle magazines but now there has been substantial editorial coverage which has been increasing each year.

Our relationships with the key editors and stylists are now very strong , and we are now able to make personal visits. Importantly for us, editorial has significantly lifted the profile of our key colour strategist & the Haymes colour offer”

Jamie Freeman
Head of Marketing
Haymes Paint

Consistently raise the profile of Haymes Paint with customers and architects/designers through regular exposure within consumer and industry media


  • Year-on year consistent growth in media coverage
  • Strong relationships maintained and initiated with regional media to support local stores
  • Annual visits to key homemaker media editors in Sydney to present the new colour range

In excess of 85 pieces of editorial coverage achieved in magazines/online media across 24 months – valued at over $1.4 million.

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Peregrine Travel and Gecko's

Peregrine - The Spirit of Adventure

“Working with LCMC has been quite exceptional. It has taken our PR to a whole new level.

We’ve found the creative and ideas are bang on for what we’re trying to achieve as a brand and they’ve really quickly been able to understand our customer base, tailoring messages to different discrete audience segments (customer base) and business partners & trade media.”

Kirsten Cameron,
Head of Marketing & Digital Strategy
Peregrine Travel & Gecko’s

Launch a new brand, Peregrine Reserve, with media coverage from within the travel industry and consumer publications


  • High level of interest by media in Peregrine Reserve
  • Generation of proactive editorial ideas
  • Successful ongoing placement of announcements and new deals across all brands
  • Ongoing editorial management of 3 Peregrine brands:
    • Peregrine Reserve
    • Peregrine Adventures
    • Gecko

More than 30 pieces of initial media coverage

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CHR Hansen - Natural Food Colouring

CHR Hansen - Natural Food Colouring

“We have loved working with Lahra Carey Media and Communications on 2 major campaigns, firstly in 2008 and most recently in 2011.

Lahra and her team took a creative and fresh approach to highlighting an industry issue, and devised strategies to create precisely the consumer attention we needed. Using a host of activities such as print media, television, radio, and a networking event, we were able to influence stakeholders at consumer, supermarket and Government levels.

One of the most exciting activities was a social media partnership with a prominent blogger to access our target market. The professional network and extensive industry contacts of Lahra Carey Media and Communications made all this possible, and the campaign in 2008 significantly contributed to double digit sales growth in the following years.

More recently, our introduction to Dani Carey has seen the creation of a new publication that will allow us to provide another touch point for our existing customer base and extend our reach to new audiences.”

Vanessa Walles,
Marketing Manager
CHR Hansen Pty Ltd

How does the world’s leading natural food colouring manufacturer convince food manufacturers to make the switch from artificial colouring?

  • Targeted Government departments, relevant Ministers and influencer organisations – contacted each personally with information about the dangers of artificially coloured food in an effort to change the regulations surrounding the issue.
  • Partnered with popular online parenting blog, Planning with Kids, to conduct a survey surrounding the current level of awareness of synthetic and natural food colourings. The results of the survey were then used to generate social and traditional media.
  • Conceived an event for the food manufacturing industry, hosted by Christian Hansen and attended by industry media representatives, featuring an International Food Colouring expert referencing the results of the survey.


National, local and online editorial coverage of both the issue of the dangers of artificial food coloring and international expert’s visit.

30% reported increase in sales of natural food colouring at Christian Hansen

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Lego - Art of the Brick

Lego - The Art of the Brick

“We have had the pleasure of working with Lahra and her team for over 5 years now.

They have always delivered results for us, their work in relation to The Art of the Brick has been particularly outstanding, netting us many millions of dollars worth of publicity across all TV networks, newspapers and radio stations – it has been unprecedented coverage.

The team are professional, care about your brand and ever reliable, we know when planning our activities we never have to worry about media and PR. We whole heartedly recommend Lahra Carey Media & Communications. ”

Jonathan Knight
Promoter & Curator

Bring media attention and customers to the national launch of Lego artist, Nathan Sawaya’s, Art of the Brick Exhibition in Melbourne – followed by launches into Sydney and Adelaide during 2011-2012.


  • Saturation media coverage across all Australian television networks, radio stations and print/online media
  • Media coverage on all talk shows as well as tourism websites and travel media

65 pieces of media (including international) generated through the Melbourne launch alone.

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Our Work @ Lahra Carey Media and Communications - Public Relations Agency Melbourne

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