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Melbourne entrepreneur Ben Young leads cashless revolution

The LCMC team has recently started working with Melbourne-based entrepreneur Ben Young; the creative mind behind frank green and CaféPay.


Taking the world by storm with its beautifully designed re-usable coffee cups and drink bottles, frank green is transforming the way consumers enjoy their daily café experience.


The eco-friendly, SmartCup and SmartBottle are embedded with micro-chip technology which taps into CafePay, a fully integrated multi-platform solution for managing loyalty programs and cashless transactions allowing you to pay for your coffee quickly and cash free.


What started as a small online business is now becoming a world phenomenon with over 300 Singaporean cafes installing Cafepay over the next month and Queensland 7Eleven stores trialing the frank green and Cafepay system.


frank green has also recently released a Pastel range and Go Wild range; available in Zebra, Leopard and Anaconda print.


It’ not very often you get a fashionable product that influences environmental change. So why not buy a frank green SmartCup; you can feel trendy and proud about your impact on the environment all while enjoying your daily coffee.


Frank green SmartCups and SmartBottles can be purchased online at

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