Haymes celebrates colour across the last 80 years

80 years in business is a milestone worth celebrating and for Haymes, Australia’s largest independent, family owned paint manufacturer, it provided a wonderful opportunity to develop its own ‘Colour Through The Decades’ story. LCMC worked with Haymes to develop a suite of eight ‘decade’ themes taken from a contemporary perspective to reflect the key colour, design and decorating influences across these eras, to demonstrate the Haymes commitment to colour, innovation and the Australian homemaker.


From the sentimental, minimal and practical trends of the 40’s, we moved into the age of optimism with bursts of muted colours in the 50’s. Colour erupted in the 60’s with psychedelic prints and bold interiors while the 70’s turned its focus to the environment with interior plants reflecting a strong connection to nature. The 80’s saw the uprising of the unconventional design movement with gaudy colours and kitsch motifs but it wasn’t long before minimalism was back and the home was pared back to soft and simple colour palettes in the 90’s. The new millennium ushered in an era of luxurious outdoor/indoor living spaces and today we are seeing a minimalist revolution with the home becoming a blank canvas for individuality and unique styling.


This year, Haymes really wanted to do something special and a little bit different to celebrate this milestone birthday and there seemed no better way to pay homage than providing a modern twist on some of the incredible colours, looks and styles that have emerged across the decades.


Now in its sixth year of partnership with LCMC, Haymes wanted to say thank you to its media partners and friends for their support, throwing birthday parties at the exclusive Penthouse at The Ivy in the Sydney CBD and the elegant Mon Bijou on the tenth floor of the Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne. Both events saw enormous turnouts from key media, a true testament to the strong relationships built by Haymes and LCMC.


LCMC was thrilled to be involved in such a momentous occasion in Australian business’ history, continuing to ensure the iconic brand gains wide exposure across design, homemaker, specifier, trade and even international media.


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