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Everything old is new again

29th Jan 14. 0 Comments

I feel old. Not old and jaded, but carrying enough life experience to be walking around with an almost permanent sense of déjà vu.


This feeling was triggered most … read more

Playing the Chameleon Card

16th Dec 13. 0 Comments

During my short but illustrious career working in-house for a PR agency, I’ve had the pleasure of pitching story ideas to media on more than one occasion. What I can … read more

Lessons Learnt Across The Journey

26th Nov 13. 0 Comments

As communications experts we spend a great deal of our professional lives promoting the successful projects and campaigns we have worked on. It’s a highly competitive industry and one that … read more

To Be Social…Gen Z Style

29th Oct 13. 0 Comments

In a world that’s moving faster than a Facebook status update, it’s increasingly important to stay relevant. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you require some education on how to … read more

The Sponsorship Dating Game

14th Oct 13. 0 Comments

Securing the right sponsorship partner is akin to dating – when the chemistry’s right, all the stars align and you both benefit in more ways than one. But when the … read more

Going Viral

17th Sep 13. 0 Comments

Thanks to the news media and Facebook, most of us have some understanding of what it means for something to ‘go viral’. The general understanding is that ‘going viral’ is … read more

Beware of speaking ‘off the record’

14th Jun 13. 0 Comments

Back when I was a working journalist, I was very clear in my own mind about what ‘off the record’ meant: it meant that I while I could report the … read more

Don’t be fooled – Blogging is not journalism

26th May 13. 0 Comments

Days gone by, there was a clear separation between advertising and editorial…


During my time as a reporter at the ABC my mentor and News Editor, Ian Henderson (or … read more

5 Tips to Managing a Media Crisis

26th May 13. 0 Comments

It’s fascinating to observe a CEO or a high profile personality in the eye of the media storm when a crisis is unfolding. This is truly the moment that separates … read more

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