Indigenous Exhibition

Indigenous exhibition bridges education divide

Melbourne Indigenous Transitional School’s (MITS) Barring-bul exhibition was an opportunity to showcase art forms handed down through generations of Indigenous communities. Proceeds from the exhibition, featuring established and emerging artists read more

Meat Free BBQ

Sydney’s Largest Meat-Free BBQ

The LCMC team joined World Meat Free Week (WMFW) and Quorn to put out the challenge to all meat eaters, urging them to pledge their support by committing to one read more

DC Power Co.

Turning up the heat on the energy sector

Broad reach was key to DC Power Co’s ambitious bid to not only become the nation’s first solar-focused energy retailer but to do so by being one of the first … read more


What is wrong with this (graduation) picture?

I recently attended my graduation ceremony after completing the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ onerous Company Director’s Course.

As I took my seat, I observed a couple of things. Firstly, … read more


When the cameras roll, don’t switch off your humanity

At the beginning of the year, I read an article by a global PR influencer, who predicted authenticity would be a key trend for 2016.

Apart from the obvious irony … read more


Sex, Smokes and Audio Tape… Tales From An ‘80’s Newsroom!

I recently reunited with the journalists I began my career with at ABC radio news several decades ago.


As we talked and laughed, reminding each other of the real … read more


Big business and the citizen reporter

These days everyone is a reporter. And a photographer. And a videographer. Thanks to social media, the previously rarefied domain of the qualified news hound belongs to every person.

 … read more


Stop fighting it and leave your footprint on the digital landscape

You would think most of our B2B clients were (digital) environmental warriors the way they behave; careful not to leave anything but the slightest trace of themselves in cyberspace.

 … read more

Sian Kilgour | Senior Account Manager | Lahra Carey Media and Communications | Melbourne PR

The role of a case study in PRoving your worth

As a PR consultant, one of my main priorities is to prove my clients’ worth and convey this value to potential customers, stakeholders and broader audiences through editorial; clearly and … read more

Dani Carey - Founder of Espresso Media

The Power of Print

I began my media career in newspapers some eighteen years ago. I soon moved into magazines and was hooked. In those early years, I think I thought that ink ran … read more

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