What is wrong with this (graduation) picture?

I recently attended my graduation ceremony after completing the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ onerous Company Director’s Course.

As I took my seat, I observed a couple of things. Firstly, … read more


When the cameras roll, don’t switch off your humanity

At the beginning of the year, I read an article by a global PR influencer, who predicted authenticity would be a key trend for 2016.

Apart from the obvious irony … read more


Sex, Smokes and Audio Tape… Tales From An ‘80’s Newsroom!

I recently reunited with the journalists I began my career with at ABC radio news several decades ago.


As we talked and laughed, reminding each other of the real … read more


Big business and the citizen reporter

These days everyone is a reporter. And a photographer. And a videographer. Thanks to social media, the previously rarefied domain of the qualified news hound belongs to every person.

 … read more


Stop fighting it and leave your footprint on the digital landscape

You would think most of our B2B clients were (digital) environmental warriors the way they behave; careful not to leave anything but the slightest trace of themselves in cyberspace.

 … read more

Sian Kilgour | Senior Account Manager | Lahra Carey Media and Communications | Melbourne PR

The role of a case study in PRoving your worth

As a PR consultant, one of my main priorities is to prove my clients’ worth and convey this value to potential customers, stakeholders and broader audiences through editorial; clearly and … read more

Dani Carey - Founder of Espresso Media

The Power of Print

I began my media career in newspapers some eighteen years ago. I soon moved into magazines and was hooked. In those early years, I think I thought that ink ran … read more

Lahra Carey | Principle and Founder | Lahra Carey Media and Communications | Melbourne PR

Everything old is new again

I feel old. Not old and jaded, but carrying enough life experience to be walking around with an almost permanent sense of déjà vu.


This feeling was triggered most … read more


Playing the Chameleon Card

During my short but illustrious career working in-house for a PR agency, I’ve had the pleasure of pitching story ideas to media on more than one occasion. What I can … read more

Kathryn Elliott | Account Director | Lahra Carey Media and Communications | Melbourne PR

Lessons Learnt Across The Journey

As communications experts we spend a great deal of our professional lives promoting the successful projects and campaigns we have worked on. It’s a highly competitive industry and one that … read more

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