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Turning up the heat on the energy sector

By on Nov 27th, 2018.

Broad reach was key to DC Power Co’s ambitious bid to not only become the nation’s first solar-focused energy retailer but to do so by being one of the first equity crowdfunded companies. To coincide with the launch, LCMC was able to secure exclusive media announcements with – and affiliated News Ltd papers – and Channel 7 evening news, resulting in mass exposure through print and TV stories across all states, Consumer response was unprecedented, causing the crowdfunding platform to crash within hours of opening.

A stepped-out media program encompassing a mix of earned, paid and social media across the following six weeks saw the campaign reach more than 4.3 million people, enabling DC Power Co to become Australia’s first solar-focused energy retailer, setting a world record for the biggest equity crowdfunded company in the process.

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