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To Be Social…Gen Z Style

In a world that’s moving faster than a Facebook status update, it’s increasingly important to stay relevant. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you require some education on how to tackle social media in the most effective manner. As a child born into the ‘Technology Generation – Generation Z,’ I’ve got first hand advice on what you’re in for and why it’s important to learn from us. After all, we are the now generation and we will threaten your jobs if you choose to ignore us.

Let’s begin with some food for thought. Recognise that MSN and MySpace are outdated and the home phone is effectively redundant. Very few will see nor care about what you have to say on these mediums so move on. For the tech-savvy Generation Z, it’s not surprising that social media interactions jump from platform to platform; this creates an interesting prospect for businesses trying to leverage aims using these platforms. Considering your future lies in the hands of this so-called “technology generation” though, here’s a Gen Z’s guide to social media.

Facebook – the communication hub
Upload photos and videos from the weekend or even just your lunch and share your deepest, darkest personal thoughts relentlessly. If you’re on holiday, take a scenery photo and include your feet. The sunset will really bring out your nail polish. Should you feel the need to do some form of exercise, why not ‘check-in’ and alert everyone to the fact that you’re ‘out jogging’ because who knows who’s looking for you. Forget receiving an invitation by snail mail; obviously all invitations come in the form of a Facebook event now, this way you can see who’s attending, who’s not and who’s playing hard to get and clicked ‘maybe.’ Be sure to update your relationship status and remember – never upload the same image twice.

Twitter – a means of talking, when no one else will listen
The aim of the game here to is gain as many followers as you can so that people think you’re someone worth knowing. So tweet constantly. Start with the person next to you on the train and follow with whatever else you feel necessary, but remember, you’ve only got 140 characters to say it. If you’re looking for something different, tag celebrities you don’t know in your posts and hope they notice you amongst their 45,000 followers.

Instagram – #hotphotosofmesolikethem
Take a photo (usually a selfie, because hey, you do look fabulous in the bathroom mirror and why shouldn’t you share your outfit with everyone before you meet up with them in an hour), edit it so you look even more fabulous and upload. Then it’s on, how many ‘likes’ can you get in the first couple of hours? If it’s less than 700, you’ve clearly failed and the picture should probably be deleted. This is the snooping capital. Celebrities, ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, and people you’re generally intrigued by are so easily accessible (provided they aren’t on private settings). Always accept followers and ensure more people follow you than you follow.

If you can get all this right, here are my tips on how to capture Gen Z’s attention (what little there is); be imaginative, relevant, creative and above all different.
• This generation is self-indulgent and demanding; we want information yesterday, we want it to reflect us and want to share it with our networks easily.
• Be experimental. Try guerilla marketing. Be known for being out there, not outdated.
• Use visually engaging content. We’re more likely to stop and look if something catches our eye.
• Be funny. If you can make someone laugh, they’ll remember why, just make sure it’s sending across the right message.
• Don’t be clichéd. Nothing makes us cringe more than older generations attempting to understand us and completely missing the mark. Stay cool and true to who you are, you’ll gain more respect this way.

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