Meat Free BBQ

Sydney’s Largest Meat-Free BBQ

The LCMC team joined World Meat Free Week (WMFW) and Quorn to put out the challenge to all meat eaters, urging them to pledge their support by committing to one meat-free meal per week for the health of our planet.

WMFW’s goal was to incite change through sustainability, aiming to help consumers understand and evaluate the food choices they are making today. We discovered one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of this, was a lack of knowledge around meat alternatives, which is where Quorn came in.

Quorn is a nutritious protein source, with a great taste that can be used as an alternative to meat. Holding an event allowed us to not only encourage trial of Quorn, but to raise awareness of the positive impact meat-free meals can have on the environment and our health.

Using the media and social media influencers, we encouraged Sydneysiders to join celebrity chef, Callum Hann at Wynyard Park for Sydney’s Largest Meat Free BBQ. Guests indulged in a stack of BBQ favourites, including meat-free burgers and burritos, while listening to inspiring stories from the WMFW ambassadors.

Through our editorial coverage and media influencer push, the event and its message reached more than 1.2 million people. Will you rise to the challenge? Help do your bit by pledging your support at

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